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Originally Posted by staufman View Post
That being said, I haven't put nearly the amount of thought into gameplay as I have into story. While I do have ideas on certain puzzles or situations, I haven't thought more deeply about the core mechanics of this game. That's where I need some help and direction.
Bad idea.

There is nothing worse than a game written by committee. Too many cooks spoil the broth and all that.

What you will get from this kind of excercise it 50 different answers, more confusion and an unfocoused development.

Ask yourself those questions first.

1. How important is the originality of the story to YOUR game? How complex do you want to make it without turning off your audience.

2. Do you need mini games in this game or does the rest of the gameplay stand up. What is the reason for putting them in? (time padding, relevance to the story)

3. What viewpoint best tells your story? How is the atmosphere and story affected by 1st vs 3rd person?

4. Can you add in elements that make it replayable? Does the story/game need it?

5. Are you telling a story or making a mini game collection? Do you need aspects that can be replayed? Does it distract from the overall story your trying to tell?

6. How many people own the Wii? (OK that one you probably can ask)

7. Do you have any ideas for new gameplay that you can add in that would enhance what your trying to do here?


Do some research on the market. What types of games are we talking about most? Read posts on what we like and don't like in adventures. (There are plenty here on the forum)

Try some general market research with little specifics?

How important do you place these elements:

Story 1 2 3 4 5
Puzzles 1 2 3 4 5
Replayability 1 2 3 4 5

etc etc etc

The specifics of the game should always come from the developer.
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