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Originally Posted by leila_lou View Post
i'm new hey everyone...
have a question...i'm totaly stuck in ch.2.. i've done everything, talked to a walkthrough to check and i did...but the chapter still doesn't end! the finger has no more clues an poirot keeps telling me that some of the employees are away from their stations and i should snoop...well i have.a lot...
what am i missing? please please help
I think I was stuck at this point as well and what I had "forgotten" to do was to look out the lookout in the hotel with the binoculars. You can look out in two directions with them. Otherwise, it's probably something little like that. I really don't like the fact that you can get stuck on such small details and there is no real help on what to do besides the walkthrough.

You should see the sailboat with the red sail in out one view and the submarine scope in the other

I'm reviewing this game and I'm stuck at the end of act 4 with the car bug. I didn't realize a patch was released for this game so I downloaded and installed it but that didn't seem to fix the problem for me. The link on the official site for the patch doesn't even work but it's mirrored on other sites.
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