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Thank you for your interest.

The animation and character art is mostly a budget issue, as far as I know, and hopefully next game should have these corrected! Animation has been slightly improved in the full game rather the demo, but still I won't lie it still stands out.

Hopefully all the rest elements of the game should be enough to keep your interested. For the record, I composed all music for the game so I can't be 100% unbiased. But still the story is very interesting, gameplay and puzzles range to various difficulties (and there already is the 'official' walkthrouh in JA+) and the atmosphere, is very well thought out I think. I should also add that voice acting is quite excellent in 90% of the game! And the English (since alkis (and me) are Greeks) is superb (something which I've been amazed in all honesty!)

Again, I've worked for the game so I can't be unbiased, but it does seem that the 4 reviews, thus far seem to agree on most parts.
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