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I just finished the demo...and wow, I must say I am impressed. In my opinion ( basing on Demo) this game looks VERY promising...I don't mean this by indie game standards only, but this looks very interesting story even by commercial standards, and even from serious commercial games I've played recently, I can only say that Culpa Innata has got me hooked so early, just like DITR did. Very well written.

Voice acting seems very good and professional, same with the music.

My only gripe is...the game ( again, just demo) seems so professional and well polished in every area, that's why I find walking animation unacceptable, because minor flaw like this amongst the brilliance the game otherwise seems to be just seems bit ridiculous and out of place. Either way, walking animation doesn't make the game, but story, characters, music etc does...just had to throw critic there which in my opinion kinda stands out.

The thought box is great, it's been getting boring to just mess with your inventory. Thought idea gives a whole new dimension to AG, I might try to use that kind of system in one of my future games ( once I finally finish my 2nd and 'serious attempt' )

Very well done. I can't wait to play this, the demo got me interested in story which is job very well done there as well.
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