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I agree there, but a profound sadness is not something I long to experience frequently. And it's not like I'm saying I only re-watch popcorn material. Sadness is not a requirement for meaning. And some films you just have to be in the mood for... If I ever feel like a heartbreaking reflection on the horrors of war again, I'll obviously know where to look.

Thinking about what kind of films I would consider my favourites there's often a tinge of bittersweetness or darkness to them, but certainly a thread of optimism through most. There are films that make you feel horrible that I would consider great, and would heartily recommend, but not go back to.

There's something to be said for messing with the audience's heads and going "haha, no that's what you thought!" but mind-fuckery only goes so far and frankly I like some closure. Happy endings are overrated and I admire a film that has the balls to defy expectation, but ending with "well, life sucks" doesn't work for me.

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