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It appears "Snakes on a Train" is a themed evening of dodgy remakes the channel is dubbing "Mockbusters" The other films are

Mexican Werewolf in Texas
666 : The Child (Omen ripoff)
Live Feed (Hostel ripoff)

Originally Posted by tsa View Post
Maybe there will be a dodgy horror remake of that as well.

Hell Vetica. When fonts go bad.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

One day Joel finds out his girlfriend has had him erased from her memory. Distraught, he tracks down the company that did the job and seeks the same treatment himself. The majority of the film is then a journey back through their relationship in Joel's memories where he realises he doesn't want to do this after all, interspersed with the dysfunctional activities of the company doing the work.

It's a really nice film and Jim Carrey as the male lead proves he can carry a dramatic role (though there are comedy moments) Kate Winslet also the girlfriend, Clementine Kruczynski, as puts in a very good performance. There are some nice visual effects of things disappearing as the memories are wiped. Especially effective are the later scenes in the film where Joel and a memory of Clementine attempt to hide her in other memories.

The whole concept has been thought through quite well too. Clients of the memory wipe company bring in everything they can find that is associated with the person they want wiped. These items are then shown one by one to enable mapping of the memories (for later erasure) and kept (so there are no unexplained items once the memories are gone). This creates a believable process, even if it isn't scientifically based.

It's a film that requires a bit of attention but I'd recommend it to anyone.
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