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Originally Posted by Terramax View Post
I'll likely be playing this game with an arcade stick. I likes me arcade sticks. I think I'll have to order this game based on your opinion. Isn't it 2 player co-op?

This looks exactly like the pick up and play style games I'm really into right now.
Yes, there's also a split screen co-op mode. I'm currently 50+ missions into the game (there are more than 70, each playable with two completely different characters) and it's absolutely awesome! Despite the unpolished visuals, it's also quite spectacular at times, especially with all the skyscrapers tumbling down around you.

Granted, at this point it's starting to feel a bit like a grind, but digest it in small portions (if you manage - it's terribly addictive) and you'll be perfectly fine.

Wait till you see the level titled Million Legs, SotC colossi have nothing on the creature that awaits you there.
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