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To everyone reading this thread, join us! List your games to trade here! (tsa and I can't possibly be the only members on here who have games to trade, you silly gooses!)

List your games to trade! Join the fun! (Trading games is fun, I tellz ya!) Why are you holding on to those games? They're just collecting dust! Even if they have a place in your heart, and you can't bare the thought of trading some of them, ask yourself, how often are you playing games you've already played? Share them with other gamers!

The other benefits of trading games? It's free! (except for the mailing fee of course) However, if you send them media mail, or at the bulk book rate, you can mail them dirt cheap! I mail stuff to people that way all the time, and even though it takes longer to get there, it gets there eventually!

So list your games to trade! PC, Wii, Playstation 1,2, and 3, X-Box, X-Box 360, Nintendo DS!!!

What are you waiting for? Think of the hours of happiness you'll get and new friends you might make, by trading those games just sitting by your computer collecting dust.

Heh, sorry, I'm a tad corny. But seriously, join us guys! List your games to trade. Don't worry about how old they are. There's always someone, somewhere, looking to enjoy older games as well, not just newer ones. (like me for example. There are so many older games I've never played since I only started playing adventure games two years ago. Anything older then two years is "older" to someone like me! Hee!)

Even if there's no one to trade with you yet, if this thread grows, eventually, there will be! So list the games you'd like to get rid of, and one day, someone will see that very list on here, and think to themselves, eureka! They have a game I want! And they'll have a game you want! (see how this goes? Heh. Yes, I'm super corny, but just trying to send out a little "trading motivation".) Ok, that's enough of my corniness for now.

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