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I will continue to list more games, as I finish them, if anyone would like to trade something for them.

I finally finished The Longest Journey this weekend (great game!) It came in a box set with Dreamfall, but I could send The Longest Journey to anyone who's interested, in a separate plain jewel CD case, if anyone would like it. I can't play Dreamfall yet, due to fact, that I didn't realize my computer's video card is too crappy to play it. So Dreamfall will have to wait.

But, The Longest Journey is ready to go, if anyone wants it. It's from 2000, I believe? It's a Windows XP compatible version though, even though it's an older game. I had no trouble playing it on my computer which is about two years old.

I also just finished Barrow Hill, if anyone would like to trade something for it.

Minimum System Requirements for Barrow Hill are:
OS: Windows 98 (second Edition)
CPU: Pentium III 450 MHz or better processor
RAM: 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
CD-ROM drive
Video: SVGA Graphics Card or better with 32-bit color (32-bit color at 800x600)
Sound: DirectX9 Compatible Sound Card
*It is also Windows ME/2000/XP compatible.*

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