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Default Adventure Game Trading Thread

Have games to trade?

I'm surprised a thread like this hasn't been started on this site yet. (at least, I didn't find one, so far) I figured the Chit Chat forum might be a good place for this type of thread, since the Adventure Forum seems basically meant to discuss specific adventure games. (you may use this thread to list your own games for trade if you like as well. This thread is intended for everyone, not just my games to trade.)

If you do list games to trade, try to list the condition that they are in, and any additional computer or game console specs that might be required to play the games you list. Thank you, and have fun trading!

These are the adventure games I've played so far, and I am looking to trade these listed below, for other adventure games: (I'm up for all types, if you want to trade something with me! Don't hesitate to ask!)

Nancy Drew, Treasure In The Royal Tower
Recommended OS: Windows 95/98/ME/XP
166 MHz Pentium Processor
(200 MHz recommended) . 16 MB of RAM
16-bit DirectX Compatible Color Graphics Video Card
16-bit DirectX Compatible Sound Card
8x CD-ROM Drive . Mouse and Speakers


Recommended OS: Windows ME/2000/XP
CPU: 1.5 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or Equivalent
RAM: 512MB
Free Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB
CD/DVD- ROM: 32x
Video: 64 MB 3D Accelerated Video Card
DirectX: 9.0c Compatible
Sound: 100% DirectX Compatible Sound Card
Input: Keyboard, Mouse, and Speakers

Both games have only been played only once and are in "like new" condition. Keepsake is a three disk set. Both come in their original game cases with original covers.

Game console versions: (note, I only have a Playstation 2, but since it's backwards compatible, I was able to play these Playstation 1 games on it)

Playstation 1 version of the original Myst (1 disk in jewel case only, no case cover or box) - has scratches, bought used. Unfortunately, it freezes on the very last part of the game. (the Channelwood Section) However, it plays beautifully up until that part. Also, you may have to restart the game a few times to get it to play. It does want to freeze in the very beginning sometimes. (heck, you don't even have to trade me anything for it. I'll just mail it to you since it does have some "glitches") Maybe you can get the disk "resurfaced" so that the last part will play. I never looked into that option myself.

Playstation 1 version of Riven, Myst II. (five disk set in original game CD case, no box) I bought it used, and only noticed some mild scratches here and there. All five disks played fine on our Playstation 2, and I had no technical or freezing issues with any of them.

Playstation 2 version of Myst III: Exile - bought this used at a gaming store. Game still in original box. Game was in "like new" condition". Played with no technical issues.

We also have an X-Box and I played these on it...

X-Box version of Myst IV: Revelation - bought this used at a gaming store. (in clear plastic DVD type case, no game cover or box) Game was in "like new" condition. Played with no technical difficulties.

X-Box version of Syberia I - bought this used at a gaming store. Game still in original box. Game was in "like new" condition. Played with no technical difficulties.

X-Box version of Syberia II - bought this used at a gaming store. Game still in original box. Game was in "like new" condition. Played with no technical difficulties.

I will add more games to this list as I play them. For, example, all the games I own below, have not been played yet, but I will be adding them to my trade list in the future, after I have finished with them. Keep these games below in mind, if you want to trade for them eventually. I am currently playing, The Longest Journey. (I have the XP compatible version)

I currently own the PC versions of:

The Longest Journey
Burrow Hill
Myst: Uru, The path To The Shell Expansion Pack. (I'm looking for the original Uru, Ages Beyond Myst, since I can't play The Path To The Shell expansion pack without it first. I didn't realize this when I bought the Uru expansion pack.)
Dark Fall: Lights Out
Journey, To The Center Of The Earth

(all of these were bought new, in their original game cases/box

I wanted to list the adventure games I currently have, to give you and idea of things I might be interested in playing if you have something to trade. I'm pretty much up for anything, since I love many types of adventure games, not just the Myst and Syberia games, which are my favorites.

Here are the specs of my computer, if you want to send me something older:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP
Media Center Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

Gateway GT5032
AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 4200+
2.20 GHz, 896 MB of RAM

Supposedly, we have the cheapest video card that came with this computer, but it played Keepsake ok, which is a newer game, so it must be acceptable. I'm also playing an older game The Longest Journey on our computer, with no problems so far.

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6100

(I'm especially looking for Myst V:End Of Ages, or Uru:Ages Beyond Myst on my wish list to trade for, but I'll take any type of adventure game since I've still played so few compared to the rest of you.)

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