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Originally Posted by g_sakil View Post
If you want to be taken seriously, you should write "No, I think they don't". The phrase "No, they don't" reflects something less democratic
When the HoM becomes a democratic process, I'll be sure to say it that way.

It was about time. I hope I helped you to see that something was wrong with the HoM and Gray Matter being on top.
You didn't, and there wasn't anything wrong with it for the whole time it was at #1. Only now was it time for a change, and even that was entirely discretionary. I'd have lost no sleep whatsoever keeping it at #1 until release (barring some other new announcement that has more people excited, though I'm not sure such a game is even possible anymore.)

Originally Posted by Ksandra
I disagree. It's as simple as that, really. But it's your site after all, and since GM has been moved down the list anyway (more than I expected, actually), there doesn't seem any point in arguing about it.
We can discuss it without arguing, just to understand each other's points. So tell me, how do you respond to the many people, like AndreaDraco83 in this thread, who would still list Gray Matter as the game they're most looking forward to? Are you saying those people are simply too few and far between to matter, or that that degree of anticipation is somehow invalidated because there aren't enough updates? I get that YOU lose your enthusiasm when there aren't, but the list is meant to gauge wide(r)spread sentiment, not personal experience.

Originally Posted by AndreaDraco83
I only find a bit ridiculous that now the first position is held by a series which chapters we can play at a monthly distance. And a bit pretentious, 'cause I think that - in difference with S&M season 2 - almost everyone will play, when it's out, Gray Matter.
I think you underestimate the popularity of Sam & Max. Step outside the rather insulated little adventure community, and about the only game(s) you'll hear about regularly are Sam & Max, and usually in very complimentary ways. The episodic thing... well... that may always be a point of contention. I know many people who have come to really look forward to regular, smaller doses. It doesn't have to be monthly, though. The whole series will be released on disc at season's end. That's just as valid a product as any other game.
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