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Originally Posted by Ksandra View Post
I'm sorry, but the "but it's JENSEN!" argument just isn't cutting it any more as far as I'm concerned. I know her previous games are very well regarded, but with all due respect, this is the first real adventure game she's produced in almost a decade. If I'd seen anything at all to justify the kind of hype this game is getting, I'd feel differently, but I haven't. And I'm also deeply unimpressed by the attitude Jensen and/or her publishers seem to be taking towards their fanbase - i.e. 'tell them almost nothing for months on end, and completely ignore any requests for further information'.
Let's forget about Jensen for a moment... just for a moment. I mean, she's the author, the story-teller, and as such important. But she's not making this game on her own. Actually, her part of the job should more or less be done by now. To the best of my knowledge a company called Tonuzaba is doing the practical developing stuff. There's no mention of Gray Matter at their site and it doesn't look like they're into adventure games at all. Does anybody know for a fact who the developers are?
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