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Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
The point I was trying to make is that if previews and press demos are six months old (or recent ones are just recycling six month old info) then that would be taken into account. You seem to be saying that taking into account previews and press demos means sites saying "they haven't released anything new but the demo six months ago was great so we'll still hype it".
No, that's not what I meant at all - I'm not sure how you got that idea. What I was saying is basically exactly the same thing as you're saying, i.e. "the quality of the preview and press demo upped it's hype but there's been nothing new for awhile so taking into consideration the LACK OF fresh preview material it's going to drop". So there's no disagreement there.

Originally Posted by Jackal View Post
Even though I bumped the game in this case, for the sake of discussion I'll say this isn't necessarily true. Normally a lack of updates results in a natural decline in community buzz. But some games are simply big enough to withstand the dry periods. If a game is still the most anticipated game on the horizon with no updates at all, it really doesn't deserve to be displaced.
I disagree. It's as simple as that, really. But it's your site after all, and since GM has been moved down the list anyway (more than I expected, actually), there doesn't seem any point in arguing about it.

Originally Posted by AndreaDraco83 View Post
When it was announced that Project-J was revived, I didn't care of previews, screenshots, trailer or any other stuff. After the stunning writing for Police Quest III, after the beautiful King's Quest VI (where Jene Jensen's pen is far more present than Williams') and foremost after Gabriel Knight, Gray Matter will be Jane's next project, and I'm expecting this with great anticipation.
I'm sorry, but the "but it's JENSEN!" argument just isn't cutting it any more as far as I'm concerned. I know her previous games are very well regarded, but with all due respect, this is the first real adventure game she's produced in almost a decade. If I'd seen anything at all to justify the kind of hype this game is getting, I'd feel differently, but I haven't. And I'm also deeply unimpressed by the attitude Jensen and/or her publishers seem to be taking towards their fanbase - i.e. 'tell them almost nothing for months on end, and completely ignore any requests for further information'.

As I said in a similar thread over at JA, I'm far more cynical about this type of thing than I was a few years back, simply because I've seen so many fantastic-sounding games turn out to be a huge disappointment (or never even make it to retail). So while it's nice that you feel able to have such faith in JJ, I'm afraid I just can't bring myself to share your enthusiasm right now.
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