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I couldn't agree less with the choice.

In literature, in cinema, in theatre, the Author is perhaps the most important aspect of any new production.

It's been two and a half year since the last book of G.R.R. Martin's saga, A song of ice and fire, was published. Nevertheless, although we haven't seen nothing more than two preview chapter of the next book, fans worldwide are still expecting the book with great anticipation.

After Mulholland Drive, Lynch took five years to produce and complete his masterpiece, Inland Empire, but - since the very moment in which it was announced - I didn't care of how much information I'd have about the plot, the characters or the use of digital cameras. It was Lynch's next film, and I was expecting with great anticipation.

When it was announced that Project-J was revived, I didn't care of previews, screenshots, trailer or any other stuff. After the stunning writing for Police Quest III, after the beautiful King's Quest VI (where Jene Jensen's pen is far more present than Williams') and foremost after Gabriel Knight, Gray Matter will be Jane's next project, and I'm expecting this with great anticipation.

Pulling it down or up, simply state that this politique des auteurs work not only with Jane, but also with other designers. I only find a bit ridiculous that now the first position is held by a series which chapters we can play at a monthly distance. And a bit pretentious, 'cause I think that - in difference with S&M season 2 - almost everyone will play, when it's out, Gray Matter.
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