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Originally Posted by Jackal View Post
No, they don't. And only Overclocked has provided preview material more recently than Gray Matter, and that only very recently as it gears up for its release.
If you want to be taken seriously, you should write "No, I think they don't". The phrase "No, they don't" reflects something less democratic

Originally Posted by Jackal View Post
Normally a lack of updates results in a natural decline in community buzz.
The same happens with products. Each product has a life-cycle and sooner or later it starts to decline. This is when advertising takes place, in order to enhance the community buzz and withstand the dry periods. But sometimes it serves as a propaganda stating that the product is No.1. And unfortunately HoM serves as a mean for advertisement. It tries to keep Gray Matter alive, not taking into consideration that it might act as a propaganda for the game

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