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Originally Posted by g_sakil View Post
Exactly. Where are those? Just a few screenshots are enough to put it No.1? That's why I questioned the integrity of this choice
Integrity doesn't even enter this discussion, whether you disagree with the reasoning or not.

Sinking Island? Overclocked? Still Life 2? None of them deserve to be No.1?
No, they don't. And only Overclocked has provided preview material more recently than Gray Matter, and that only very recently as it gears up for its release.

Originally Posted by Ksandra
No matter how eagerly anticipated a game may be, keeping it at the no. 1 spot looks pretty silly when the official release date is approaching and we've had virtually no news in six months.
Even though I bumped the game in this case, for the sake of discussion I'll say this isn't necessarily true. Normally a lack of updates results in a natural decline in community buzz. But some games are simply big enough to withstand the dry periods. If a game is still the most anticipated game on the horizon with no updates at all, it really doesn't deserve to be displaced.

And if you go down the entire list of HoM games, really none have provided more extensive preview material than Gray Matter, nor anything more recent outside of Germany, so it's not like anything was really beating down the door.

Frankly, I think this speaks to the common error of announcing games WAY too early. But they all do it, so it's almost inevitable to get long gaps at some point along the way.
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