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Originally Posted by Ksandra View Post
I don't entirely understand what point you're trying to make here. If there haven't been any updates at all, surely that should get a game marked down even further?
The point I was trying to make is that if previews and press demos are six months old (or recent ones are just recycling six month old info) then that would be taken into account. You seem to be saying that taking into account previews and press demos means sites saying "they haven't released anything new but the demo six months ago was great so we'll still hype it". I'm saying the situation is more like "the quality of the preview and press demo upped it's hype but there's been nothing new for awhile so taking into consideration the LACK OF fresh preview material it's going to drop".

I think essentially we're thinking along the same lines. If there aren't any updates then any evaluation should take into account the lack of recent updates regardless of the quality of any old updates.

However, speaking purely personally, I've seen a lot of discussion of Gray Matter in the forums and I haven't looked at the Hype-O-Meter in ages. It's therefore a game I'm more aware of because people are talking about it (rather than any site is hyping it) Maybe that indicates it does merit a place in the Hype-O-Meter. Whether it merits the number 1 position is always open to debate.
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