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Originally Posted by Ksandra View Post
Thing is, it's not just reader opinions that the Hype-o-Meter is supposed to take into account. The site FAQ states that "The rankings are determined based on a combination of forum polls, reader feedback and the assessment of the Adventure Gamers team of preview material and press demos" (my italics). Obviously I don't suspect a 'conspiracy' or anything like that, but I can't help thinking that this kind of attitude only encourages developers to be lazy with updates. Why should they bother keeping their fans updated when people are still hyping the game to the skies after months with no new information?
Surely an evaluation of preview material and press demos is likely to include how current they are. If updates are coming out saying the same thing then an evaluation of them is going to get a game marked down. (because the company isn't doing anything to sustain the hype)

At the end of the day something like the Hype-o-Meter is always going to be open to charges of bias because you can't tell for sure why a game is placed where it is. It's the reviews (where you get a full explanation of why a game is scored as it is) that really exhibit integrity.
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