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Originally Posted by AndreaDraco83 View Post
I assume that other people don't like Gray Matter being the first in the Hype-o-Meter, 'cause they want to see other games in that spot. And it's easy to see conspiracy: maybe they think Anaconda or Jane Jensen are spying...

Seriously, I don't know... but the word "integrity" sound way too exaggerated. And, as Misslilo said, I also think that a poll could show that Gray Matter really is the most hyped game.
Thing is, it's not just reader opinions that the Hype-o-Meter is supposed to take into account. The site FAQ states that "The rankings are determined based on a combination of forum polls, reader feedback and the assessment of the Adventure Gamers team of preview material and press demos" (my italics). Obviously I don't suspect a 'conspiracy' or anything like that, but I can't help thinking that this kind of attitude only encourages developers to be lazy with updates. Why should they bother keeping their fans updated when people are still hyping the game to the skies after months with no new information?
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