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Default Still selling my collection on EBay

I have more games on EBay. Some are ending in the next couple of days, and a few have a little longer. But, there are some good ones that are still being put up for auction.

Of the games posted now, they all come in the box with all the manuals and most even have the advertisements that came with the games still in the box. There are such games as:
Blade Runner, Outcast, The Last Express, Spycraft, Traitors Gate, Tony Tough, Safe Cracker, all three of the Atlantis games, Syberia, Broken Sword 3, Black Dahlia, Titanic:Adventure Out of Time, Morpheus and Blackstone Chronicles. There are more, but I didn’t want to place such large posts as before. Good luck, and hurry before they are all gone. 

The name of the store is eAuction Depot Augusta. Here is the link to the EBay store that is selling my games:

Check in the video game section (I know…he has a lot of star wars figures posted in his video game section, but you can browse through to find the games pretty easy.)
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