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Is there any way possile i can go back, remember im at the door where i need to the plate so i have to go back a long way, through the room with the cystal, through the room with the power source and down the stone bridge thing and then im stuck cannot climb up please help me i dont want to start over.
You don't NEED a Save game or have to push anything out of the way or descend any staircase etc.

I made the same mistake ... and even (wrongly) criticized it as being a dead-end WHICH IT ISN'T!

If you just walk back a very little and LOOK to the side of your screen (did it a while ago & can't remember EXACTLY without re-installing ... think it's the left side ???) you'll see a door which takes you DIRECT back to the chamber where the dead man lies.

You just have to do a bit of crate moving to avoid getting killed before obtaining the 'goods' from the corpse.
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