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Hello everyone, im new and i have a problem. am playing broken sword 3 and up until now i have had no problems but unfortunetly i have don something stupid. Iam in the congo the second time with nico, i opened the door, i inserted the stone in the other door, got past the puzzled floor, BUT when i got to the place where the spikes come out from the wall, i got across and also got nico across but i fprgot to examine the dead man on the floor SILLY
now i have got all the way to the place where i need the plate he has but i cannt get back. Theres a hole in the floor where i jumped down earlier on, and i cannt seem to climb back up to get to the man. Is there any way possile i can go back, remember im at the door where i need to the plate so i have to go back a long way, through the room with the cystal, through the room with the power source and down the stone bridge thing and then im stuck cannot climb up please help me i dont want to start over.

Thank you
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