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Finished Final Fantasy III for the DS with a level 60 party (probably not required), consisting of a Dragoon, Ninja, Devout and Summoner, but anything else can do just as well.

Replaying Final Fantasy IV Advance, Currently in the Lunar Subterrain (spelt wrong), somewhere in the 5th floor. Escaped to get more Fuma Shruikens, right after I aquired the Holy Lance, 2 Ribbons (they are good) and Ragnarok (god-like).

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, popped it in my DS and currently on Ch. 12 Flouspar's Oath. Gives me chills, since she can kill a teammate from 3-10 squares away if he/she lacks good magic defence and/or avoidance.
And if someone dies, then I guess I would have to restart.

Replaying Prince of Persia: Sands of Time since I have a back-up GC controller, just started and the controls are still amazing.
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