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Originally Posted by MdaG View Post
I'm thinking of getting it. How does it compare to Metroid Prime 1 & 2? The only thing I didn't like in those games were the controls. Metroid Prime 3 is said to solve that with the Wii controls.
I can't really help with the first issue, as I've never played Metroid Prime 1 or 2.

As for the controls, I think they work well, I love playing FPS games using the Wii remote, it's so much better than trying to aim at something using an analogue stick.

The grappling hook can be a touch temperamental at times, you have to flick the nunchuck forward to throw it, then flick the nunchuck back towards you to pull the object you've grappled. If you're doing this to pull the armour off a boss in the middle of a heated battle, chances are you won't do the motion exactly how the game wants you to, and it won't perform the action, so you end up sitting there moving your arm around as though you're trying to start an invisible lawn mower, as you frantically try to perform the action within the small window of time permitted for it.

There are a few nice touches, to operate some switches you have to point the remote at the screen, press A, then you pull the remote towards you, rotate your wrist by 90 degrees to the left, and push the remote back towards the screen. As you do this you see Samus's hand grab the switch, and mirror your actions to unlock it.

I just defeated Morgenar, woo, I feel much better now, hehe.
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