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Metroid Prime 3

I'm fighting Mogenar, and it's seriously annoying. What kind of idiotic idea was it to make your health energy the same as the energy used for a weapon that's needed in the majority of fights, and then make that very weapon overload after a few seconds forcing you to either vent all energy and seriously lower your health, or just die? I can destroy three of his generators, but after that my energy is so low there's no chance to even go for the forth before he kills me.

I'm not overly impressed with this game at all so far. Parts of it are fun, but those bits are few and far between. The game is so unbalanced; there are no long stretches of regular gameplay, just when you've defeated a boss and think you can relax for a bit, a few minutes later it throws another one at you. I know not of one person who likes boss fights or timed sequences, yet this game has packed in 3 of the former and umpteen of the latter into a single location.

Ugh, it's painful, still I play on...
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