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Originally Posted by Terramax View Post
Alas, if you don't like 'kiddie' looking games, then you won't like this. It's not childish in a patronising way, but I don't think you'll be convinced if all you play are 'mature' titles.
In a world where the cleavage of The Witcher, the demons of Doom and the close-ups of murder victimcs in Still Life are considered mature by the same people pointing fingers at Zelda, Viva Pinata or Rayman for being "a bit childish" I can't help but grin. We can only hope we'll never grow up, for this is the only way one can appreciate some of the most awesome games out there it seems. Only saw Wind Waker being played once but I fell in love with that game just by watching.

I'm deep in the dizzingly addictive Battle For Wesnoth still. Stuck in the Swamps Of Esden (Rise Of Wesnoth official campaign) and haven't managed to handle three(!) opponents at once. This is pretty hard. And according to the forums it's the fourth scenario out of twenty-one. I feel kind of n00bish. Hold me tight.

Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
Unreal Tournament III
I suck, but this version of UT feels good. Shame that there aren't a lot of people playing it (relatively).

That might be because there aren't a lot of people who actually bought it (not so relatively).
Look, Mr. Bubbles...!

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