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Originally Posted by Terramax View Post
It puts away trying to be dark, tough and epic, like previous titles (that often fail because they don't offer anything new stylistically or in story).

WW just feels natural. Everything from he look and the movement is just cute and comedic. It's almost like a friendly parody of itself. It puts the 'fun' into Zelda. It doesn't take itself too seriously.

Alas, if you don't like 'kiddie' looking games, then you won't like this. It's not childish in a patronising way, but I don't think you'll be convinced if all you play are 'mature' titles.

You implied that you've not played 'Ocarina of Time' either?

If that's the case, certain editions of WW consist of a revamped version of Ocarina as well.

Take a look at WW in action on a Wii.

Footage of the game doesn't start until 6:35

Another montage here:
I'll certainly look into Wind Waker at some time as it looks great! I love celshades
However Twilight Princess got interesting (past the first temple now) and I'm going to give it a shot.
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