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If you don't mind investing in a pad, I'd say ditch Twilight and getting a copy of Wind Waker.

Although graphically no better, just different, I prefered The Wind Waker by a mile. I'm sure I've mentioned this on the Gamecube thread, but WW resigns to the light hearted, 'childish' look/ nature (in a positive way).

The Wind Waker got by for being incredibly charming and creating a great visual spin on Ocarina of Time (which I enjoyed, but wouldn't list even in the top 10 greatest games category). With many Zeldas I've been perplexed as to whether I was supposed to take the story and characters seriously or funny, but WW changed all that.

As you pointed out with Twilight, it looks dated, hasn't really got a unique agenda, controls are too restricting (especially on the horse) and, well, the concept is stale.

Nintendo really need to invest their masses of money on some great writers.
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