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Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
I should also point out that I really didn't like Far Cry. Too hard, too monster-filled. So I might just like Crysis because it's easier (and has Quicksave). I don't think that's the reason, though; I actively enjoy the suit powers and the feeling of the world.
Can I ask what hardness level you played the game at and what tactics you used?

Although far from all the locations, many do allow you to handle situations in various ways.

By the sounds of it you got far.

In some places I was quite cheeky. Right at the end where there are a lot of those gigantic creatures, I figured ways of just running straight past them.

Another section, where I was in a tomb of some sorts, I lead a load of creatures into a group of marines and lead the two duke it out, and finished off any that survived.
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