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If there's any FPS as good as Farcry then I'm buying it.

Unfortunately an FPS can never be as good as Farcry unless it's open ended and at least has a likeable character.

I played the demo and the co-marines at the start were just irritating as anything. Can you tell me, or please tell me, that they all die (if so then I have no reason not to buy)?

At the moment I've just completed Silent Hill Origins which had a climax that wasn't too bad (albeit typical). I might consider going through it again.

Viva Pinata although now only playing in small doses as the game isn't offering anything new. I get a title upgrade and the odd random extra here and there, none that effects the now stale gameplay.

I've finally ended my Myst: Online account and switched to, so I've been playing Beach Life. How much I missed that game. Don't know why I sold it off in the first place.

I'm currently downloading STALKER from it before Cleopatra: A Queen's Destiny. Only too many games on Metaboli I wanna try out.
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