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Resident Evil 4, the PC version. What a travesty. Even with the patch, texture and cutscene mods applied, it looks like crap. How they managed to screw this one up so badly is beyond my comprehension.

That said, it's still a fun, addictive game, but I'm surprised by the abundance of archaic design elements. First of all, the whole tedious inventory management part should've been left out. Having to go to the inventory just to switch weapons or apply healing items really kills the flow of the game. Various "gamey" elements straight out of PS1 or even SNES games also break the immersion and lessen what could've been a trully atmospheric and creepy experience. The whole interface, presentation and general game progression is practically identical to the original Silent Hill, which is ancient by today's standards. In those regards it's very traditional and very, well, Japanese.

But like I said, I'm having a lot of fun with it, although I can't understand why so many people consider it the best game of the previous console generation. I mean, really? It probably wouldn't even be in my personal top 20, especially if we throw PC games into the mix.
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