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Originally Posted by Squinky View Post
I hope they don't turn into OMG WHY ARE THE GRAPHICS SO BAD gamers.

Don't worry, I'll prevent that from happening. He's a good boy. Also, he still owes me for making me play Yu-Gi-Oh with him without even explaining the rules to me.

Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
We're not dead just yet.
Yeah, but you have to plan for the future. I mean, *I* don't really have to, since I'm a woman who usually live longer. But if I were in your place, I'd start planning for the future before it's too late, my good male.

Originally Posted by RLacey View Post

Basically the break between two consecutive vowel sounds. Commonly used by people who are incapable of pronouncing consonants mid-word, though it does also come into play for the rest of us . Often problematic for singers...

Also used quite a lot in Arabic.

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