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I think what it comes down to is that LucasArts is too cheap to physically re-release the old games for fear of them not selling (keep in mind that all of the re-releases of the past several years have come from the games' overseas distributors), and they're too generally apathetic toward their back catalogue to pursue some sort of digital distribution alternative which would probably make them a decent sum of money in the long-term. And while it's a little more conspiracy theory-ish to think so, it wouldn't shock me if LucasArts were consciously trying to distance themselves from their past games. The end result is that people who are looking for the old adventure games are told their only option is ebay and they pirate the games, and I find it really hard to sympathize with LucasArts when that happens.

I don't think there's any personal hatred by LucasArts suits for adventure games, but I do think they're too closed-minded to consider anything that doesn't have an immediate, guaranteed return even if it's something as simple and presumably inexpensive as a paper sleeve DVD with all the graphic adventures on them.

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