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Originally Posted by UPtimist View Post
You know, your name always reminds me of some kind of drum enthusiast.
In Swedish, there is a good answer to that comment: "Jag är trumpetare, inte trum-petare." (I'm a trumpeter, not a drum-poker.) But the truth is that I actually am some kind of drum enthusiast, too.

Regarding the derivation of my alias, Squinky is correct. The name actually started its life as a password, but has followed me as my internet name for as long as I've had internet access. Besides my real name, it's the only name I've used online, and as far as I know I'm the only one that's used it. (A fact which makes it easy to find embarrassing things I've done if you want to. But on the plus side, it gives me a unique online identity.)
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