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I've only ever managed to find a demo copy of Fate of Atlantis, its such a brilliant game (Hints to my member name anyone?) And I swear my brother owned them all long ago.. dont know what he did with them, probably sold them all like everything else we played..
I've now got a hard copy of Beneath a Steel Sky, what I fear most though is, when Im an adult I'll have all my adventure games that I've hoarded over the years, and a good deal wont work.. I mean, thats just horrible, unless we have to go out and buy an old 95 PC.
What we have now-a-days is all built on 3D. Tbh, I much prefer 8-bit graphics, or toons, to 3D realistic games.
Things like monkey island may be old, but you're hard up to find a modern adventure game that even begins to compromise on the quality of the storyline, humour and character of the game.
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