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I am playing Fate of Atlantis now, and am stuck in the big room with the map, so far i have not figured out how to set the sun and moon, for my play through and my first play thorugh is lost in the mists of my lost memories

it is still a wonder of a game, great screens, and action and lots of fun, with quite a bit of sophistication. There is even a sophisticated variety of paths you can play, which i had somewhat forgotteen about i am playing the team path, may go back and play the wits and then the fists for fun if i can get past the map room. And as i said, it runs beautifully on ScumV which is no surprise as the whole purpose of the ScumV project has been to allow us to play these Lucas games and some others on modern machines. The ScumV team keeps adding acceisibility to more titles each year, and with this as a resource LucasArts (if any of you LA people wander thru this forum by some loooooog chance)....could easily re relase a set of the classics. My next play thorugh will be to finsih Monkey Island III, which i has to stop in the middle of due to life stuff. And then a revisit to Loomo which remains one of my favorites as being almost a work of art, in its enigmatic and surreal beauties.
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