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Originally Posted by Trumgottist View Post
I wouldn't know, since I've never heard of him. Is that a Danish actor?
Sorry, I meant Rikard Peterson. (o not e) Though come to think of it I've never heard his voice either. He can lay down some pretty funky tunes though. You should check out his website.
Your yet-detector may need replacing. You can order a new one using the mail form on the site of Trumgottist Entertainment. It's guaranteed. For additional value, get the bundle that includes the amazing yeti-detector, and get a computer adventure game for free! Shipping fee not included in price. Adventure game offer only valid as long as the stock lasts. Use yeti detector at your own risk - not guaranteed to work in cold, moist, dry or pleasant weather.
Can't I just post all my credit card details right here in the thread? I don't like filling in unsecured forms online. You never know who might be looking at them (whereas by this stage I'm pretty sure of who is still looking at this thing. )
Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
Wouldn't that just make us a couple of people from the USA and Britain?

If you're hiding somewhere here, that'd be weird. I'd have to grab a gun and look around for you.
By all means do so.

This post brought to you by Invisible Trip Mines. A backup plan for when the person whose house you're hiding in grabs a gun and comes looking for you.
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