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Originally Posted by Jazhara7 View Post
Well, you might think they're weak, but they pack quite a punch. They can actually pierce through plate armor, a complete pig, and bone. And don't get me started on how strong a crossbow is!
"Plate armor"? A corset, perhaps, but nothing heavier.

Originally Posted by Jazhara7 View Post

Though I agree, explosions are fun.

But if I have to choose a gun, I'd take a coilgun or gauss gun any time.

Oh, and a rapier is not a knife. A Knife has only one sharpened blade. You're thinking along the lines of "Sword" or if it's shorter it's usually a "Dagger". I bet you don't even know how to fence (At least *I* know the basics.)
Pfft. Rail guns are technological crap. Give me a brass cartridge any day of the week.

And a knife can totally have two sharpened edges. And I admit that I don't know how to fence, but isn't it basically just stab, slash, deflect?
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