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Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
Wow, is that really something an uptight square would say? Anyway, don't mind if I do.

Nah, only guns are "cool". More antiquated weapons, crossbows, swords such as rapiers and other knives aside, are just annoyingly uncool. If it's not mechanical and doesn't use chemical combustion, I say, it's not a *real* weapon.

And I'm not an AI, I'm just a cynical bystander. There's a difference, you see.

Well, you might think they're weak, but they pack quite a punch. They can actually pierce through plate armor, a complete pig, and bone. And don't get me started on how strong a crossbow is!

Though I agree, explosions are fun.

But if I have to choose a gun, I'd take a coilgun or gauss gun any time.

Oh, and a rapier is not a knife. A Knife has only one sharpened blade. You're thinking along the lines of "Sword" or if it's shorter it's usually a "Dagger". I bet you don't even know how to fence (At least *I* know the basics.)

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post

Scaring me now.

Not speaking from experience, silly. It's in the Traditional Bowyer's Bible (Book III), in the section on the different types of quiver. Some wrote about how they hunted with their traditional bows.

But seriously, if I ever were to go hunting, I'd use a bow too. I feel it is not fair game, and not respectful to the animals if you use a gun. It should require skill to hunt. Also, I'd not just go hunting for sport and trophies. I'd only go hunting if I needed it to survive.

While I know that handling a gun requires some practice, it is still easier than handling an arrow (one of the mistakes that every archer should make at least once is to hold the arm they are holding the bow with incorrectly. Because when they've held it incorrectly once, they'll pay attention to never do it again, because having the string whip along the inside of your lower arm is something very, very painful. That's why I think instructors should not point it out to them too directly. If they haven't felt that, they won't realise how important the right position is, and get sloppy.).

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