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After quoting what Squinky had said earlier, Giligan responded characteristically: "Wow, is that really something an uptight square would say? Anyway, don't mind if I do."

Without givin anyone time to respond, he continued to another subject: "Nah, only guns are 'cool'" he explained to Jazhara, "More antiquated weapons, crossbows, swords such as rapiers and other knives aside, are just annoyingly uncool. If it's not mechanical and doesn't use chemical combustion, I say, it's not a *real* weapon."

After all this explaining, he was perturbed at any incorrect thoughts, conspiracies, that might follow from an earlier comment and needed to declare that he indeed was not an "AI" as he put it, but a "cynical bystander". However, the concern in the voice did not sound natural. There was just something odd with the resonance.
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