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Amusing late-night chat with Lee:

12:56:59 AM: Now, what should we do for entertainment now that you'v put away your work and I've put away mine for the night?
12:57:20 AM: Put on an elaborate song and dance number?
12:58:18 AM: *grins* Bollywood style, or classic Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire stuff?
12:58:48 AM: Oh man... Bollywood!
12:59:54 AM: If only because the thought of us singing in Hindi amuses me.
1:00:45 AM: You do realize that absolutely anything we do Bollywood style will look ridiculous to us?
1:01:20 AM: Well, yes, and that's part of the fun, you see.
1:02:58 AM: Ah ha. So then, we will need a Bollywood plt. These usually involve a boy, usually playe dby a man in his forties, a girl, usually played by a woman in her twenties, an old aunt or grandfather, a scheming uncle, and a chorus of friends who always show up for the dance sequences, though they serve absolutely no point to the plot.
1:04:03 AM: Well, you're almost in your forties.
1:04:13 AM: I suppose now it's time to find our supporting cast.
1:05:06 AM: Yes, interstingly enough, I also have many of the physical characteristics needed for the role as well, including thick facial hair, a balding scalp with long hair (which will need to be hidden under a turban) and a rather portly belly.
1:05:56 AM: Okay, my first instinct is to invite the AGers to be the background dancers, but I suspect they'd complain about twitch gaming and a bad control setup.
1:06:27 AM: Plus several ofthem would have the music turned off and wouldn't hear their cues.

1:06:30 AM: I think the gaybois will be all for it.
1:06:35 AM: That said, LOL.
1:06:40 AM: Yeah, I suspect you're right.
1:07:13 AM: And I suppose the middle-aged women might want to join in.
1:07:55 AM: Okay, so we cast Trep, Jat and maybe one more as the convenient friends. Who are we goignt o get for you sequences? Melanie and Jelena?
1:08:22 AM: And Jaz.
1:08:31 AM: Oh yeah, of course!
1:08:52 AM: RLacey should be the grandfather.
1:08:53 AM: Now, who will portray the scheming Uncle, the villain of the piece?
1:09:04 AM: That would be Giligan.
1:09:11 AM: Or maybe stepurhan.
1:09:41 AM: Stepurhan has never struck me as the villainous sort. I'm tryng to remember him doing one mean thing, but coming up short.
1:09:56 AM: Giligan on the other hand...
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