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Originally Posted by Erwin_Br View Post
Here, turtles are illegal to keep as pets.


It's not illegal to keep them as pets here, it's just illegal to import them from Greece. Years ago they were very popular, so that too many were imported, thus endangering the animals in Greece. Then they were very hard to get for a long time, due to that. But now there's more and more new ones coming from breeders in Germany, and those are not illegal to get, as they don't affect the population of turtles in Germany.

And I love turtles.

I'm assuming they're illegal to keep at your place for similar reasons.

EDIT: I looked it up, and it's not only in Germany that it's regulated that way. It's due to a decision by the CITES stating that only turtles that were caught in the wild prior to that decision, and the descendants of those already caught may legally be kept as pets.

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