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Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Don't forget to choose a tattoo that you'll like when your 40+ and more as well. Tattoos also fade with time, after 15 years colours may have been absorbed by the body and eventually it looks kind of greysih and dull. I recently had my bumble bee re-done and added some cerise flowers as well since my bee was kind of lonely.

Don't worry, I've been thinking about this for a looong time. I know that these things are for forever, and that's why I had a hard time to decide what I really wanted. This one is one I'd really enjoy, because it's not something everyone has (though there certainly are other geeks with the same idea), but it's still something that certain people (namely, other geeks ) might recognise.

And I've always dreamed of designing a tattoo myself, but I've found it's more difficult than it sounds (I tend to draw things too detailed. While you can make detailed tattoos, I do want a design that is a bit more stylised, not a painting).

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