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Originally Posted by Trumgottist View Post
It sounds more like a problem with your computer than this site. If there had been such a problem, others would have noticed it too. The first obvious question to ask then is if you have anti-virus software installed and running? Maybe the thing just happens to appear when you're viewing this site. (I'm not suggesting that AG is trying to give you a virus. If you have one, it's from elsewhere.)

Or maybe it's so simple and harmless that your computer is missing Flash, which is used both in some ads, and by the site itself. If that's the case, your browser will likely ask you if you want to download it so that you can see the full content of the pages you're viewing.

Whatever it is, if you want to get an answer to your question, you need to post more details on what's happening. You say that something is trying to download, but how does that happen? Do you get a dialogue box, and if so, what does it say? (And what browser do you use?)
But this way you'll be eventually annoyed enough to stop looking here in frustration.

I've been thinking myself that it's some flash thing or something, but haven't bothered downloading it (I doubt it's a virus, as I've been surprisingly clean of them for a long time now). I just get the little bar (notification bar or whatever you call it in English. You know, the thing that notes that there's a pop-up blocked or the site is trying to download something or whatever). It shows up every time I load up a page in the forums.

(Edit: Well, there is some add at least that won't show. Oh well, if the forums don't work properly, I'll download this. Carry on (actually, don't carry on, in this thread that is).)

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Ah, I can see you are new at this. I think you'll find that has been tried before.

Several times.

Welcome to the thread anyway.
Someone should say that to SeƱor Roberto there, I think he has some problems understanding when something doesn't work.



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