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Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
Oh gods, I couldn't stop laughing when I read that, in the immortal words of Jessica.

Yes, that one is another one that induces ceaseless laughing, or at least silly grinning.

Originally Posted by Hammerite View Post
You look pretty when you laugh.

(am I doing well?)

Yup, you're doing very well.


Originally Posted by Trumgottist View Post
Here's a quote from a game preview I accidentally read:

“You do a lot of grabbing in the game,” says Lacey. “You grab people, punch them repeatedly in the face, rip their heads off and tear off their balls. We’re a mature game.”

Just because a game contains things that many people would consider only suitable for mature audiences, doesn't mean it's something that is of interest for said mature audiences.

Rather, I think this game is more attuned to the interest of a rather juvenile or pubescent group.

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