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Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
Which DVD release is this? I have the compilation pack that Sony put out a year or two ago, and from which they rather bizarrely cut most of the bonus features .
What would I be looking for? A friend bought it for me so I can't go from anything at the place of purchase.
Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
It's actually from a sequence that was cut. IMDB writes:

Ray and Winston inspect Fort Detmerring, where Ray dresses in an old General's coat and falls asleep. When he awakes, he sees a female ghost above his bed. This part of the sequence was kept and used in the montage in the middle of the film.

That doesn't really make it clear whether it's a dream sequence, but I would think not.
Yes, it was part of the montage sequence but they appeared to show Ray sleeping at Ghostbusters HQ just prior to it happening, hence my seeing it as a dream sequence. No Fort Detmerring though.
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