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Originally Posted by Panthera View Post
I ended up taking dark side points for persuading the droid shop owner to give me the droid (that you need to get into the sith base). I had spent all my money helping people, and buying med packs, and couldn't earn enough money to buy it from her.
I'm also currently playing the game, my character's called "something" Organa. I've just reached Dantooine, and done the bridge mission, but haven't got Juhani jet. Going to try to play the rest as purely good though. And get a lot of points into computer, which I didn't plan first, but after seeing my bf really fail to release the prisoners on Korriban, I changed my mind..

Oh damn, that was the one thing I forgot in the Korriban base. I was planning to free them when I had more persuade skills, but then forgot and when I came back, they were gone.

Getting lots of computer skills will also help you to get more of HK-47's old memories, too. It's truly worth it.

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