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Liked The Matrix and The Animatrix, I agree with "Not A Speck Of Cereal", really poor sequels, not because they were specifically flawed technically in writing or cinematography, but it was mediocre. If I were to list moments, locations, characters, that were memorable, I don't think the sequels would give that many. The focus seemed to zoom out, become epic, but nothing was gained from that, but everything good about the original was lost.

Zion looked dead, the place had no character, the people had no character, it's hard to engage emotionally in the fate of such place.

I also think Neo/Smith, and Neo/Trinity, was rehashing of things we've already seen, and they were there because people loved them in the original movie. After Neo becomes all powerful, and can fly, he becomes boring, it was fine for the end of the original film. Neo and Trinity's relationship consumes a lot of time, but it's boring, relying on the original movie, not developing, or adding elements.

I really didn't get the whole human battery thing, that reasoning didn't seem plausible in the first movie, and I didn't feel it got answered in the others.
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