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I think the Matrix sequels are highly underrated.

2 and 3 suffered from a lot of redundant characters and side-plots, some of which were due to original actors being absent for various reasons (Tank, The Oracle), others I guess to over-ambition: trying to cram too many things into what could have been a much tighter story. I maintain that the story-arc of Neo and Smith is a flawed masterpiece.

We could have done without the big dance scene, the orgasmic cake, etc... but these did not enough detract from the main story to ruin it for me. And yeah, Reeves and Moss don't have the chemistry of Bogey and Bacall, but if I wanted romantic tension I would just watch To Have and Have Not again...

Agreed on the Animatrix. Added much to the backstory and helped solidify some of the themes they were going for in the sequels.

By the way, people who bitch about
Neo 'surrendering' to the machines by making peace with them when apparently he should have reduced them to a smoldering pile of rubble
just didn't get it. That was not the point of the story.

If you want an example of a less coherent trilogy, I give you Pirates of the Caribbean. Started to drift in the second outing and really lost the plot* in number three.

*I wanted to say anchor, I did.
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