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Time to take a look at the end of summer progress on a number of games:
from latest to oldest in terms of play:
Overlord (codemasters) have gotten to Castle Spire, survived Melvin's Kitchen and got the Reds as well as the Brown minions in tow, it is a lot of fun, a spoof of LOTR, and much fantasy, with great graphics and a improveable Tower home, I am really enjoying it during a really busy time at work and restarting my own creative work...
Oblivion constantly adding mods, and have spent the last year learning and moving around the gameworld, tweaking as i go, finished the Mages quests so finally got to get into the Imperial University which was a hoot and have gained real estate in a variety of places, and added the Knights of the Ninve content, and redid all the bodies with Exnem's and have never regretted it....will update my research article on this soon, and I do plan also to return to Morrowind soon, and do Bloodmoon, etc. now that I have OB going too. I also have RedGuard wiating to check out for more comparison. They are all classics in their own way....and I have great hopes for TESV.
Jade Empire had to stop when he (my main char) got to the inner part of the Monastary have not had time to master the changing attackes thingy enough to get past a tough 3 mid level boss scene, but really love this game, a great graphics and lore mixtture with fantastic scenes and settings....and good in game dialog tho i wish the main char could talk along with the NPC's and other quest chars
Deus Ex I and Invisible War: have both in my line up and have gotten into DEI but not gotten out of Seattle, really like it, but not enough time.
Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, got to the mines but have not had time or energy to get through the fights to get into the mines tthemselves, love the graphics, and the gameplay seems good, just not enough time the lineup for mid fall.
Neverwinter Nights 2;;; still in the intro phase and making some sort of adjustment to the axial viewpoint, I may be able to adjust to it more than I thought as I am enjoying and learning to accept that birds eye view from playing and enoying Overlord, i just never went for that over the head view before, and tried to make NWN2 play like a FPS with a following cam but it was a bear to control, kept losoing control of the cam, so it is on deep hold, but i want to try that when I can, as the game world looks nice and along with Gothic, Guild Wars i want to see these worlds in action.
Far Cry - I have long finished the game and love it, and have added all the mod maps, including some of the masterpieces like the Matto 4 one, and now they have announced a Far Cry 2 is in the works for release after Crysis which is due soon. Cryengine and the new Crysis infiite game world (you can literally fly around the world without stopping) are some of the most awesome game engines around, and i just hear that a major RPG title company will use CryEngine for a 3D full movement world, cool.
Tomb Raiders: Legends and Anniversary, finished both and love them both, but there are some story bumps, i wish they had better endings, but that is a small quibble for fantastic graphics and settings and they are a great development of the older titles which are fun but just pale in the face of what is possible with new engines.
Dreamfall - OK, i am still working through it carefully when I have the time and energy to face the flaws, am just at the point where the conflict starts to heat up, and April is in Japan....will see how i can get through it finally, with an indepth run through.
URU - MOUL Live am enjoying the episodic release of the story line and watching the URU world come to life, i revisited RIVEN too recently for some of my comparitive research and it still is a jewel, if dated a bit in what it could be if it were full 3D. URU continues to be stunning visually and with great potential for expansion of what a in depth story line multplayer can be.
on with the gameing, wish i had more time....
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